Contract Wallpaper

Contract Wallpaper that are acoustic, i.e. they considerably improve acoustic characteristics of a space. They are also shock resistant and easy to maintain.

Texdecor Wall Coverings

Hightech, decorative and acoustic wall coverings

Texdecor has been designing and selling wall coverings for finished buildings for 30years. Having three product ranges, Texdecor has a solution for every type of wall, where both technical features and stylish design are required. We work with a wide range of market sectors, such as hotels, offices, apartment blocks, schools or health and care centers.


The Acoustic range:

Wall coverings that considerably improve acoustic characteristics in heavy traffic areas i.e. workplaces or living areas.


The Contract range:

Wall coverings that are shock-resistant and easy to maintain. These products are designed for intensive use.


The Decoration range:

Elegant wall coverings with noble and innovative materials, and an extensive colour range.