Contract Fabric

Contract fabrics that are specially manufactured and tested for optimum safety, quality, affordability and style. They feature qualities like colourfastness, durability, water and stain repellent and are inherently fire retardant.

FR - One [Inherently Fire Retardant Fabrics]

FR-One is your insurance for safety and quality in furnishing fabrics that are required by national regulations to have flame retardant properties. These properties are known in the industry as "FR" . The FR standards applied by different countries vary widely, while a number of countries have no established standards. The FR-One symbol on a fabric certifies that the fabric is inherently and permanetly flame retardant. This means that the fabric had not had flame retardant after treatment, but that the actual fiber of the yarn is flame retardant.


In order to preserve the inherent flame retardant characteristics of FR-One fabrics, it is imperative to refuse any additional treatments or finishes as it may affect or alter the fabric's inherent flame retardant characteristics and quality. All fabrics carrying the FR-One symbol have passed the required FR testing procedures not simply because the yarn is inherently flame retardant, but because the actual fabric itself has been physically tested. The FR-One symbol therefore provides purchasers, interior designers and architects with a guarantee that the fabric they are buying meets the highest flame retardant standards in force in any country.